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About us

The Tavern is a consulting and talent management agency founded by professional Magic: the Gathering players. With an emphasis on competitive card games, we support game developers and publishers at every stage of the process–from concept development up through launching a new professional event. Along the way, we connect clients to experts and content creators in the space for sponsorships, testing, focus groups, and marketing.


Game testing – Get pre-launch feedback from top players and creators to refine your game
Product/game reviews – Submit your game to be reviewed by our content creators
Sponsored content – Host a dedicated stream or social media campaign to promote your product
Promotion of streaming apps/services – Building a platform for users and/or creators? Leverage our network to reach new users
Coaching – Learn the intricacies of professional strategy directly from one of our pros
Event organization – We plan, manage, produce, and promote your event, from charity relays to professional tournaments
Event commentary – Add expert casters to your next event

Example Activation

Race to Mythic

Two charity streaming events to benefit

No Kid Hungry.

●Produced in partnership with Wizards of the Coast and No Kid Hungry
●Raised $17,289 in 2020 and $65,597 in 2021
●Magic pros and creators streamed for more than 3 days straight, relaying to level a Magic: Arena account to Mythic
●2021 event included activations with DMsGuild and Pixel Circus
●2021 event helped to promote that Forgotten Realms set release in addition to helping children in need

Genesis Kickstarter Campaign Support

A new tactical trading card game funded at 2300% of its original goal.

●Hired directly by Haunted Castle Gaming (the developer of Genesis)
●Provided livestream promotional content
●Provided pre-recorded and edited educational content
●Hosted activations with the developer as a guest
●Promoted all of the above across social media
●Provided additional streamers to support the campaign


Nacon (Roguebook)

“Professional, creative, reliable, the Card Tavern offered us personalized services and put our game in front of the right audience. You are in good hands!” – Andres Ramirez, Marketing Manager Roguebook

Voggt (formerly Bits)

“Great work done by Raphaël on our Talent sourcing mission. The Card Tavern was responsible for proposing us candidates for a job in the MTG Ecosystem. Raphaël clearly understood our need and was able to find the perfect person in a very short period of time. The Card Tavern is becoming the reference for all MTG topics, I definitely recommend working with them!” – Quentin Lopes, CEO and Founder of Voggt.


“When we were looking for someone with both professional playing success as well as business and personal acumen, Raphael was the obvious choice. He’s been an attentive partner and proactive in helping us grow” – John Adams, VP Parterships at Metafy.

Haunted Castle (Genesis: Battle of Champions)

“I could not have asked for a better experience. It lit a spark in our community and filled us with pride seeing such an amazing group engaging and enjoying our game, which we have since been able to use to show players and store owners how confident people are in the product.”Assad Quraishi, Chief Executive Officer at Haunted Castle Gaming.

No Kid Hungry

“Working with Raphaël Levy was a pleasure. He gave up his time and talent to create a first-class livestream event benefitting our No Kid Hungry campaign that raised significant funds for the kids we serve. A well-known and respected leader in the gaming space, Raphaël brings creativity and quality to all he does.” -Carla Wagner, Director, Revenue Innovation.

Solforge Fusion

“Working with The Tavern was fantastic for us at Stone Blade Entertainment. We were keen to get SolForge Fusion into the hands of experienced gamers with a different viewer base to that which we already had and Raph was able to do that for us.

Having the ability to bring in a streamer we wanted to work with as well was an added bonus, and allowed us to ensure we had a really great mix of characters playing our game.

The whole process was managed really well and ended in a seamless execution. Would absolutely recommend working with them and we hope to do future projects with the Tavern as well.” -Alex Watkins, Head of Organized Play – Stone Blade Entertainment

Tap us for your next campaign or challenge us to propose a custom solution for your next big goal.

Card Tavern Hall of Fame

Winner of the Solforge Fusion Challenge
Winner of the Roguebook Event
Winner of the Genesis: Battle of Champions Event